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At Hokitika Automotive we provide a full range of mechanical and electrical repairs and services and carry the latest in equipment to guarantee your vehicle is well cared for.

Warrant of Fitness Inspections


Vehicle Servicing




Electronic Fault Diagnostics



Air Conditioning Service



Starter and Alternator Repairs




Diesel Repair Specialists



Tyre Fitment and Balancing



Marine Sales & Services

There's nothing better than a mechanic you trust, and when you find them it is important to stick with them, especially when it comes to safety. Our WOF inspectors take your safety seriously!

Regular vehicle servicing is an important aspect in keeping you vehicle well cared for and running smoothly. Our service technicians are attentive to detail and carry out extensive service checks to ensure your safety on the road.there is more to it than just changing the oil. If you have any questions about your service, please let one of the team know and we will be more than happy to talk it through with you. Automatic transmissions in your vehicle carry out the same amount of work as your engine and also need to be serviced on a regular basis. At Hokitika Automotive Ltd we have a tool that can completely change you transmission oil. Draining the oil pan alone doesn’t remove the old oil and containments from the torque converter, so make sure when your transmissions oil is to be changed, it is changed completely.

Our qualified technicians are here to help when it comes to anything diesel!

Here at Hokitika Automotive we have the latest technology to keep up with the rapidly developing electronic aspect of the automotive industry. The modern engine now has a series of sensors which send information back to a computer. Unlike older cars, engine problems cannot be seen and therefore can become challenging to diagnose. But with our advanced equipment we are able to read and translate unusual patterns that relate to which element of the electrical system is having operating issues. With out recent workshop extension this area of work is rapidly expanding in our business!

Air con systems should be serviced approximately once a year. If there is a leak in an air con system moisture can gain access and react with the oil. Pollen filters remove fumes and pollutants from the atmosphere. If it is not changed it stops being effective plus the mould growth can smell stale and damp; this also is not good for our heath.

To diagnose and repair starter and alternators, we use an array of computerized machines to diagnose and plot solutions for these modern vehicles.

We always keep a good range of tyres in stock to attend to our customer’s needs. When fitting any tyres they are always balanced before fitment. Wheel Balancing, allows the tires and wheels to spin without causing any vibrations. This is accomplished by checking for any heavy spots on the wheel-tire combination and compensating for it by placing a measured lead weight on the opposite site of the wheel from where the heavy spot is. Many people are pleasantly surprised at how smooth their car drives after balancing all four wheels.

We are an authorised agent for the lock-on towbars. We can supply and fit towbars for any style of vehicle.


All Other Vehicle Repairs

Hokitika Automotive Ltd is a member of the Yes network.  This is an automotive diagnostic network that offers regular training seminars to keep us up to date with the latest technology.  Mechanics across the country communicate with each other, sharing helpful tips and experiences they’ve had dealing with similar auto electrical problems.  This ensures the fast and convenient repair of your vehicle, because we don’t waste your time making a misdiagnosis before fixing the fault.

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